Ever since my childhood I’ve been interested in photos. I kept asking my parents for a camera. When I was in my early teens my father finally relented and brought home a Soviet-made camera. I was hoping for – but had not specified – an easy to use automatic camera: just point and push a button. Well, now I had a camera but had no clue how to get decent pictures with it but I was not going to tell my father. So I went to a library to look for books that would tell me what all those numbers and gears meant!

I kept spoiling a lot of film but I guess I learned the robes. After my high school graduation I spent a year in London, England, learning the language and photographed especially trees and sceneries. Didn’t have money to have the pictures developed so brought the used films home. A friend of mine told me that his big brother´s friend developed his own pictures and would also develop mine for a small fee. In time I received the pictures with a message: “You have a good eye!” Gee, was I pleased!

Spring shower
When it rains it pours

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